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We are the first chess training program which is developed from the onset by a chess Grandmaster with an international chess trainer experience and a FIDE Senior Trainer degree

We are as far as we know the first full scale chess training platfrom and chess server which is developed and managed by a Grandmaster.

GM Steingrimsson who resides in the US is since many years the highest rated chess player in his native country, Iceland, currently ELO 2573 and USCF 2650.

He will play the 1st board for Iceland on the coming Chess Oympics in Batumi, Georgia.

Steingrimsson has won many international tournaments including Reykjavik Open in 2009.

This year he has won among others:

See the crucial last round win against GM Dreev.

He has won the Icelandic Championship several times, first in 1990 when he was 15 years old which is a still standing age record.

Other youth achievements include a World Champion U12 title.

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